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TCV Schools: Educational Resources

Teachers must keep learning to stay connected with students

TCV Schools: Educational Resources

Mathematics Question Bank – Class VI,VII and VIII

This is to inform all the parents and guardians that as per the request, I am sharing some exercises for the students of class VI, VII and VIII which will be very useful especially during this Lockdown. Please take care and be safe!

Thank You

Gen. Sonam Gyalpo

TCV Schools Mathematics Mentor

Class 8 final level exercise

Class VI work sheet (2)

Class VII level exercise final


Sharing Of Teaching And Learning Experience Conference 2019

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TCV Suja organised a “Sharing of teaching and learning experience conference 2019” today in school conference hall. This is first of its kind organised in the school and it carries in-depth aim and objectives. This program also came out as part of Professional Development Program for all teachers. Every teaching members of senior and junior section participated in the program.


All the teachers gathered at school conference hall at around 10 am after the first period. The program convener Gen Choephel la welcomed the gathering and especially welcomed all guests and key speakers for the program. The guests included TCV school Education Director Sonam Sichoe la, joint secretary Department of Education, CTA Tenzin Dorjee la, headmasters from neighbouring TCV schools and TCV PGP coordinator  Tenzin Dhargyal la.  The program started with lighting of butter Lamp by the chief guest, Gen Sonam Sichoe la, Education Director TCV schools. The lighting of butter lamp symbolises expelling of darkness.



Introductory and welcome speech came from school principal Karma Sherab la. He expressed the aims and purpose of holding the program, “Sharing of teaching and learning experience conference 2019” in TCV Suja and thanked all key speakers for having accepted the invitation.

The first key speaker was Mrs. Tenzin Choekyi la, Headmistress and English teacher Upper TCV followed by Mr. Lhundup Namgyal la, experienced science teacher from Lower TCV and Mr. Passang la, Tibetan language teacher from Paeton school Dharamshala. They all came up with their presentations and shared their various teaching strategies and experiences that worked best for them and also mentioned strategies that didn’t work. They outpoured the audience with the gems of knowledge that they have acquired in the process of their teaching profession and shared it among all other teachers. It was a very educative and an awe-inspiring session. All the three speakers unanimously agreed to the points that Teaching is a learning process, Planning is indispensable, Dedication and passion is the driving force and finally adjusting and changing oneself to the need of a student is significant.  “Try to be right kind of a teacher if you don’t have the right kind of student.”

After the sharing sessions by the key speakers, a book launch was held. A Tibetan book authored by ex. dialectic teacher Ven. Thupten jamyang of TCV Suja was unveiled today by Education Director and the joint secretary of department of education CTA.  Ven. Thupten Jamyang la narrated a brief self introduction and gave little insight to his new book. His book is a translation of various works of the great intellectual late Gendun Choephel la from Hindi to Tibetan. He narrated his account of hard work and many hours of perspiration for the realisation of the book.


Finally, the Education Director Sonam Sichoe la delivered the  concluding speech for the event. He applauded Ven Thupten Jamyang la for the book launch and the key speakers for their valuable sharing. Having been a teacher himself for a very long time and still serving TCV as the Education Director, he tabled his own experiences and knowledge on Teaching Profession. He winded up his speech reminding all teachers that ‘Teachers are the one who can bring a change in a student and all teachers should turn every stone to make that change happen.’


The key speakers were than honoured with a souvenir and traditional auspicious Khatak by the joint secretary of Education Department, CTA.

The educative event came to an end after a vote of thanks from school Director Mr. Namdol Tashi la. He thanked each and every people gathered in the hall for their presence and participation. He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the key speakers for their valuable sharing. He also especially thanked school Principal Karma Sherab la for coming up with the idea and taking initiative to organise the program in the school. The program ended at a very positive note. 

TPD Reports – April to June

A brief report on TPD programs carried out in TCV Schools –

April to June 2019

1)  Introduction: Teacher’s Professional Development is one of the major areas where emphasis is given from the Education Director and the respective school heads. Accordingly, a varied programs are carried out in all the TCV schools. And on top of this, with the kind support and guidance from our generous sponsors, the Department of Education and the TCV Education office, the programs are going smoothly and the ownership is laid on the hands of the teachers.

TCV has been focussing on Instructional leadership and as such the school leaders are putting more effort this year  in the professional deelopment of their teachers.

As per the recommendation from the recent Monitoring and Evaluation on TPD by SARD and Tibet Fund, the school heads has been advised to make the TPD programs teacher-oriented and should not be top down. TPD officer has been in touch with the teachers through whatsapp group and also meet the teachers department-wise for suggestions and guidance. The TPD officer also keeps in touch with the school heads in person and through mail.

Out of various programs related to TPD, here is a brief report of the programs and activities carried out from the month of April to June. The detail reports will be submitted in the end of September along with the bills.

Thank you so much donors for supporting this important program initiated by the Department of Education, CTA with the sole aim of improving the teaching and learning in our Tibetan schools.

2) Total number of beneficiaries: 493 Teachers

S.No. School Name Male Female Total
1 Upper TCV Dharamsala 20 46 66
2 Lower TCV Dharamsala 23 14 37
3 TCV Day School Mcleod 8 8
4 TCV Chauntra 22 24 46
5 TCV Gopalpur 18 30 48
6 TCV Suja 35 34 69
7 TCV Selakui 9 15 24
8 TCV Day School Delhi 1 8 9
9 TCV Bylakuppe 28 31 59
10 TCV Ladakh & 5 branches 95 32 127

 3) Status Update of the TPD Programs:

 All the TCV schools have their common TPD periods every week. The subject teachers meet and discuss during this period. They carry out different activities according to their need base. They follow the recommendations given in the TPD guidelines and from the TPD officer.

1) Lesson Study:One of the collaborative practices going on in some of the schools is Lesson Study. The subject teachers meet and do the Lesson study and submit the final lesson to the school head.

2) Book Discussion:Some of the groups have choosen Book Discussion as a part of their collaborative practice. They have chosen books on their own subject. They also share with other teachers.

3) Sharing Good Practices and Experience:One of the practices which many teachers find beneficial is Sharing session in the subject group during the common TPD period. The teachers share their experiences and the best practices. They discuss their problems and help one another.

4) Inviting resource persons and colleagues:

During their TPD periods, they invite their resourcce persons (local) and interact with them. They have been advised to make the best use of their school Counsellors and Riglam teachers so that they can share and discuss children’s behaviour and psychology.

Apart from these, different schools carry different programs as a part of their professional development throughout the year.  There is regular Secular Ethics workshops and programs for all the subject teachers. There is 113 hours Riglam class for the teachers during summer time table. Apart from this, as a part of Learning Across Curriculum (LAC), there is a special Tibetan Improvement class for the Primary teachers.

Watching videos related to subject:The teachers in the group watch and share videos related to their subject of teaching during the TPD period.

Digitalization of Tibetan Lesson:The Tibetan teachers in some schools work on turning all the Tibetan lessons into PPTs. So, during the TPD period, they learn and relearn with the help of their computer teachers on making PPTs. There is also publication of children’s literature and translation of children’s literature into Tibetan.

The school leaders voluntarily arranges refresher’s courses for their teachers whenever convenient time occurs. Some of which are as follows:

  • Refresher program on Lesson Plan and life skills teaching
  • Induction program for teachers on Inclusive education
  • Refresher’s course on Positive discipline
  • Workshop Sharing with the teachers

4) Challenges and Lessons Learnt:

The challenges the teachers face in the school is the workload. Due to the advancement and development in the field of school education, so many programs which are meant for the teachers come and add to the workload of the teachers. And each one looks more important than the other.

It is learnt that less is more. It is important to focus on the ones which are most applicable in one’s own school. The school heads play an important role in making the TPD programs effective in the schools. So, it is learnt that the school heads should find time to visit them during TPD periods.

5) Success Stories:

Teachers have been given the full accountability to choose their own professional growth. They are happy with whatever little they are doing as a part of their collaborative professional development. They take accounatability of their own professional development and I find this one of the best success stories.

6) Future Activities:

Since the TPD programs are carried out throughout the academic session, these activites and programs will continue. There is annual TPD day in all the TCV schoolsthis day is normally the formal conclusion of TPD programs for a year.

Tenzin Dhargyal  TPD Officer, TCV School

TCV Choglamsar: Teacher Professional Development

Students in deep reading during Morning Study

20thApril 2019:I stepped my foot in TCV Choglamsar school, located in the extreme north with my colleague Gen TP la on 20thApril escorted by the school Principal Mr. Lhundup Namgyal la. Luckily, my interinary was made in such a way that I get one day rest to acclimatize the weather of Ladakh. The next day was Sunday and it came as extra bonus for me to take a break and plan my visit hmmm. Very soon, I found myself in the midst of a landscape far from the madding crowd of Delhi. And the hospitality extended from both the school heads and staff was as usual superb irrespective of the hardship owing to the closure of the road.

The early morning begins with the school monitors turn by turn checking the day scholars’ satchels for any junk foods. The students, from their side willingly show their bags for frisking. The early morning prayers led by the Riglam teacher fills the entire valley and sends a soothing melody across the nearby camps. Right after that, turn by turn, the English and the Tibetan Department members play the audio whose scripts are distributed to the students and the whole students read in unison. A great and innovative way to drill reading skill! Such is the beginning of a typical school time here in TCV Choglamsar, Leh Ladakh amidst the unpredicted weather.

TPD Common Period of Senior and Junior Section

During my stay here, I could not visit the 3 Jangthang schools Hanley, Nyoma and Sumdho due to my own failure in procuring PAP well in advance. My former aim was to visit those areas at least once so that I coud personally experience the severe weather and hardships under which our teachers and staff are working for our students.

With the support and co operation from the school heads, I interacted with all the subject department members during their common TPD periods and listened passionately to their woes and achievements. As a customary, I never failed to extend my genuine appreciation for their hardwork and dedication. As per the EDC resolution, the school heads had created a common TPD period.

As for the Senior Section (Class VI to X), I met all the department members and the headmasters. Here is a brief report on the TPD activities carried out by various departments. The Tibetan and English teachers are working on improving the reading and writing skills of the students and as such they use their TPD period in creating resources and sharing new strategies. The social teachers are learning themselves with the help from other teachers in teaching Tibetan History, which were earlier taught by Tibetan teachers. The Math department is using the TPD period in creating resources focus on class VI. The Science teachers had done Action Research and they were continuing. This is the only school which has been doing Action Research. A briefing is also done to the school Principal and the Headmasters.

Junior Section Morning Assembly

And as for the Junior Section (Class I to V), they have their own common TPD periods made among three major subjects; Tibetan; English and Mathematics. I had a meeting with the section headmaster about TPD activities. Here is a brief report on their activities. During their TPD period, they gather in their respective subject rooms and do their collaboratives. The Math department are creating mathematic activities and materials for class I to class V this year. The Tibetan department are focussing on making PPTs for all the Tibetan lessons. The English department are using the TPD periods to work on Jolly Phonics teaching and creating teaching materials. They have been doing this since last year owing to the introduction of English to the class IV students this year. All the sections have been requested to focus on improving reading culture among students by using the long break and lunch break.

Agling :

Agling School Morning Assembly

The Headmaster Gen Tsering la, like a typical big brother gave me a detailed tour of the school(Montessori to Class V). There are around 12 or 13 teachers including the Montessori teachers and 130 children. Apart from the regular academic subjects, the school gives lots of importance to co curricular activities. to build their confidence.The school had left no stone unturned in providing everything for the children. Last year, collectively they had published one children’s book titled “Tho Pa Ga” in Tibetan. And this year, they want to publish the second book. Apart from this, they would also familiarize themselves more to the ICT. A facebook account is maintained and events and activities are shared. During the long break, over a cup of hot butter tea, I gave talk to the teachers appreciating their work, reminding them about TPDs and social networks and most importantly to work with full sincerity and dedication.The teachers have been advised to utilize the two breaks to create a reading culture among their students. The art teacher has been requested to beautify the campus with some wordings and pictures. I have also requested HM to create reading culture among the children.

Menlha School Campus

Menlha: This school ( Montessori to Class III) is formed in the middle of two camps of Sonamling Settlement and is led by Mr. Karma Sonam la, the headmaster. Just like Agling, Gen Karma la gave me a detailed tour and report of their activities. There are around 60 students including the two Montessori and 10 staff members. I gave a 5 minutes’ morning assembly talk trying my best to come to their level. God Knows! As far as their previous year collaborative is concerned, they had worked on Riglam. So, every Saturday 5thperiod, they gathered in the staffroom and started. This year, they would do book discussion and sharing on His Holiness’ advice on teaching Secular Ethics in schools. During the long break, I had an interaction with the teachers and they shared their doubts about TPD. I thanked them for their hardwork and requested them to continue working hard and make the best use of TPD periods. The school is also having a good relationship with the local parents.

Montessori Class: TCV Choglamsar

Montessori: Under the leadership of Gen. Pema Dolma la, who look after all the Montessori classes around TCV Ladakh, the teachers are using their TPD periods in enriching their execution of all the four prescribed subjects. Every year, different schools choose one particular subject and work on collaboratively. At the end of the year, they gather in the main school and share their lessons and related teaching resources created. As such there was a good response from the teachers themselves. This year also, they have decided to continue. TCV Ladakh has one of the largest number of Montessori teachers who also have the longest service.

I made the best use of my visit by talking to the students during the morning assembly on three points; Make teachers happy; Law of Attraction and feeling grateful. I also gave a short interview to TCV Ladakh Media center on the roles of parents in children’s life. Last but not the least, I gave fifteeen minutes’ presentation to all the sections on teachers’ social network, creating a positive learning hub, using of Bloom’s Taxonomy, addressing the root cause of students’ problem and implementing the collaborative activities with full sincerity.

The school heads of all the sections have been requested to attend some of the TPD sessions without having to wait till the final TPD Day. They are also thanked for the rich morning assembly programs and the rich co curricular activities and asked to further enrich these. All the teachers are working so hard and as such the school heads have to encourage and motivate them time and again. Wish you all a good year ahead. Congratulations for producing 81.3% in the CBSE class X board exam much better than the previous year. Wish you good luck for 100% result next year.

Thank You

Teacher Professional Development-TCV Bylakuppe

15th March to 27th March : TCV Bylakuppe Visit

A short report on my recent visit to TCV Bylakuppe as a part of my annual Teacher Professional Development (TPD) on-site school visit and follow-up. My stay was from 15th March to 27th March. TCV Bylakuppe was having the hottest time of the year and as such having their Summer Time Table, when classes were held early and likewise released early with afternoon, literally free. Class X and XII students are in the middle of their CBSE examinations, eyes buried in their books with concerned teachers visiting their respective dorms and hostels to encourage them and guide them. There were Inter-Class Basketball, Football and Kho Kho tournaments on one side and a remedial Tibetan class for the Primary teachers as a part of Language Across Curriculum (LAC). A monthly religious and Ethics talk coincided with my visit there.The talk was just half an hour in the afternoon followed by Q&A on Kindness, one of the ten competencies of secular ethics. Mr. Dawa Dhoundup la, shared his SEL workshop which he had attended at Drepung Loseling, Mundgod with both Junior and senior section teachers.

As a part of BEP, this year English is being introduced in class IV for the first time after three years. Every where there is fear and anxiety of how our children and teachers will cope. This isn’t a case any more and nothing much to worry. The English teachers are taking extra responsibility and doing their best. Here in this school, there are 2 class IVs. TCV English mentor Mrs. Tenzin Pelmo la is here and in touch with the English teachers every day. A lot of progress is going in these two classes whether it is classroom print rich culture or teaching or students’ willingness.

TPD which is the on-going teacher’s self directed professional development implemented in all the Tibetan schools in exile, is being carried out effectively under the leadership of the school heads and the concerned department heads. In the previous year, apart from the Lesson study, Peer Observations, Book Discussion, some of these dedicated teachers have prepared teaching materials and pooled resources. Teachers had also participated in submitting their articles for the TCV Sheyon magazine. With kind initiative from the school heads, they entire teaching fraternity had successfully watched the movie “Freedom Writers” to motivate and re energize one another. Another one is coming too this year.  Enveloping and seeing dedicated people around always bring positive vibes and this I felt it there.

Apart from the whatsApp group the school has, almost all the teachers had joined the subject-wise whatsApp group created by me. And this school has the maximum number of participation in the recent all TCV mini survey on TPD.It is the result of the great team work and the work culture present inside the people from the top to the bottom.

This year as per the minutes of the Education Development Committee (EDC)meeting, a common TPD period/timetable was created during which teachers work on their respective collaborative programs and activities. During my stay there, I met each and every department member and chairpersons. I also visited the Montessori class and the teachers. They shared their plans and activities for this academic session. I wish them all the best.I am also overjoyed to see the projects and the financial supports from the TCV Bylakuppe Alumni. Their contributions are making a big difference in the lives of so many young children here. I personally want to thank them and hope this support continues as a gesture of moral support for the staff members who are working so hard.

As per the request from the senior headmaster, I gave half an hour motivational talk to the senior students in the school hall after evening prayer. Like other teachers, I enlightened them about the untapped power they all have and how this power remained embedded because of the false beliefs; I enlightened them about the Subconscious mind, Meta learning. Last but not the least I told them about the importance of respecting teachers and feeling the sacrifices of their parents.PPT:TCV BYLA STD

The the following days, I also gave 15 minutes’ presentation each to the senior and junior section teachers during their long break. I briefly presented the TPD data, introduced them to the new and finally thanked them for their hard work and dedication. A refreshment was served during the presentation. PPT: Byla PPT

“I am aware that teachers in modern societies often face tremendous challenges. Classes can be very large, the subjects taught can be very complex, and discipline can be difficult to maintain. Given the importance, and the difficulty of teachers’ jobs, I was surprised when I heard that in some western societies today teaching is regarded as a rather low-status profession. That is surely very muddled. Teachers must be applauded for choosing this career. They should congratulate themselves, particularly on days when they are exhausted and downhearted. They are engaged in work that will influence not just students’ immediate level of knowledge but their entire lives and thereby they have the potential to contribute to the future of humanity itself”.  -His Holiness The XIVth Dalai Lama

Lesson Planning and Life Skill Workshop Concludes Successfully

Apart from the hordes of responsibilities each school Principal have, taking care of the professional development of the teachers under his/her jurisdiction comes in the highest order. This year, TCV Gopalpur principal has organized an intensive refresher’s course on Lesson Planning and CBSE Life Skill Programs and the same was later given to TCV Himachal schools. The resource person Mrs. Vijayan Kartha, MA, M.ED having a career span of 30+ in the field of Education and Development is a sought after speaker in the local and national forums on Education and social change. She is also a winner of National Award for Teachers in 2007 and many more awards in the list.

(Excepts from In her first session, she talked about the importance of the role of a teacher in molding a child’s life. Quoting few incidents and narratives from her own years of teaching, she filled the atmosphere with waves of inspiration. In her second session, she discussed in detail the importance of a Lesson Plan in teaching and presented few slides on it. The session entailed few hands on activities for the participant teachers in creating lesson plan for a topic. She made all teachers to sit in a group that teach same subjects together. And then gave on activities to each group to discuss and make a lesson plan on a chosen topic from their textbook and later presented it to everyone in the workshop.  After each presentation from the groups, she gave her professional feedback. The morning session thus culminated with the completion of workshop on Lesson Planning. In the afternoon session, Mrs. Kartha took a session on ‘Life skill’ classes taken in school.

The very purpose of giving life skill education to student is to prepare our children to all adversities or challenges of life positively.  The biggest problems of our youngsters these days are the failure to cope with their emotional challenges. So, Life skill classes in all schools are made mandatory. Mrs. Kartha took the session by talking on the ten life skills as put out by WHO. She talked on importance of each skills by giving out factual data and sharing many more narratives from her personal experiences. She also emphasized on taking life skill classes by referring to the ‘Life Skill book’ CBSE.  In the evening session, the teachers participated in group activities where each group chose one of the life skills topic and planned and presented their topic to the whole group. Taking a role play of a classroom scenario, each group delivered their topics very efficiently. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kartha gave her comments after each presentation. At the end of the session, Mrs. Kartha repeatedly spoke on the importance of a role of a teacher in child’s life and requested everyone to grow within.

She visited all the Himachal TCV schools within a short time span and conducted this important intensive workshop for the teachers. Each school Principal and the teachers gave a hearty welcome wherever she visited and the workshop went a great success in all the schools. Finally, she was given a loving farewell by the Principal of TCV Gopalpur Gen Phuntsok Tashi la with a traditional white Tibetan scarf.

14th March 2019: TCV Gopalpur School       15thMarch 2019: TCV Chauntra School

16thMarch 2019: TCV Suja School                 18thMarch 2019: Upper TCV School

19thMarch 2019: Lower TCV School           20thMarch 2019: TCV Gopalpur School

For Recorded Videos:

Updates from TCV Suja:

TCV Chauntra:

Resource Person’s Talk to TCV school Teachers

 8thMarch 2019: Mr. Tenzin Cheme la, a seasoned teacher having long experienced teaching in both Tibetan and American schools and who was recently one of the resource persons for the 7thTibetan General Conference on Education, visited TCV school on a request extended by the Head Office.

Mr. Cheme la talk on “ Continuous Teacher Professional Development” was attended by all the Upper TCV school teachers, Principals, Headmasters and Department heads from Himachal TCV schools and as such there was a huge attendance. The Education Director, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la welcomed the resource person and the attendees and gave a brief introduction of Mr. Tenzin Cheme la.

Mr. Cheme la covered four important topics; teacher evaluation; data Analysis; professional development; and sustainable

implementation. He also highlighted on the difference between the teacher practices carried out in Tibetan school and American schools. He put lots of emphasis on the Bloom’s Taxonomy and how important it is for the teachers to make their teaching and learning based on these six learning hierarchy of Bloom. He requested the teachers to focus more on the High order thinking and not just Knowledge, comprehension and application of the Bloom’s Taxonomy.

This hour long presentation by Mr. Tenzin Cheme la very effective for all the teachers and school leaders especially at a time when the schools re-opens after the long winter holiday. There was a strong message and motivation for the teachers. The take away from this presentation was- the importance of teacher’s continous professional development so that they can make their teaching more effective and achieve their respective goals. He also told the teachers to work smart, not work hard and produce the desired result without missing the rich culture and language.

After a short Q&A session, the school Director, Mr. Tsultrim Dorjee la thanked him on behalf of TCV for having come here and loving talk to the teachers. He presented him traditional scarf and school magazines which was offered by the Education Director. There was a huge round of applause from the attendees.

Instructional Leadership Workshop

A short workshop on Instructional Leadership was given by Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la, former Education Specialist at the Tibet Fund, Dharamsala and Teacher Professional Development and Curriculum Officer, TCV Dharamsala to the Himachal school Principals, Headmasters and the Assistant Headmasters in the Head Office Conference Room on 29th December 2018. The workshop was arranged by the Education Director’s Office.

As per the 33rd EDC meeting, it was unanimously decided to put more focus on the Instructional and Pedagogical leadership by the school heads. The workshop was in tune with what was resolved during that meeting.

The Education Director, Mr. Sonam Sichoe la welcomed all the school heads of the Himachal schools and gave a brief back ground information about this workshop. He also thanked Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la for always ready to help the school. After that the stage was handed on to Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la.

The workshop featured some of the major topics related to the school leadership. Mr. Kalsang Wangdue la gave his presentation with the use of powerpoint, which he later forwarded it to them for their reference. During the presentation, he also created platform for discussion. The workshop was very effective and there were so many new things to carry away from the workshop.

The Education Director thanked the resource person for his time and valuable presentation. He also presented a scarf and a book on behalf of all the Principals and the Headmasters.

References and Resources: